Neglecting your website?

Too busy with building or working in your business to worry about your website, social media and other online assets? You may be missing valuable leads … and sales! Customers and potential customers WANT to find you.
Time to let us help you!

Great Website?

People quickly make judgements about you when they see your website. If your site looks professional, they will be more inclined to trust you and do business with you. So, how are you looking? Time to get expert website!

Website Maintenance

If your website isn’t maintained it can quickly deteriorate, much like a car or house needs regular attention. Hackers are also after a quick and easy mark. Neglect your site for too long and you may be in for a crash!

Social Media

Social Media is great for nurturing customer relationships, building your reputation and even highlight current offers! Most small businesses feel overwhelmed by the task. Let us help you!

What is the key purpose of any business? Creating and Keeping Customers!

Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

What is vitally important to your business is happy customers who are loyal to you and recommend you to others.  So, how do you ensure customer satisfaction? How can you delight them? Take a look at some interesting customer statistics and think about how that could work in your business, on the “shop floor” as well as online with effective website design:

  • Probability of selling to an EXISTING customer (Marketing Metrics) 65%
  • Probability of selling to a NEW prospect (Marketing Metrics) 10%
  • Customers buying based on they feel they are BEING TREATED (McKinsey) 70%
  • Customers willing to PAY MORE for a better experience (Harris Interactive) 60%
  • Customers LEAVING due to upset over customer service (US Chamber of Commerce) 75%
topic-website-design you need to delight customers

Communications & Marketing = Nurturing & Caring for Customers


When asked, what is central to all businesses, many businesses would say ‘sales’. Actually, when you think about it, there is something more fundamental and important. Relationships! A sale is the result of a decision by one party to trust another, and the lifeblood of all relationships is communication. Better communication often leads to better sales, and even more relationships as customers recommend you to others.


Marketing is all about communication and building trust. The Internet and Social Media Marketing are valuable tools for improved communication with customers, but limited budgets and marketing expertise can make it difficult for small businesses to decide what to do, with many opting to do nothing while competitors have the field to themselves. Why allow them that advantage when we are here to show you how to ‘dip your toe in the water’?

Website Design

Nearly anyone can build a website, of sorts. Not everyone knows how to analysis your business to make sure your website design and social media marketing is seamlessly integrated into your offerings, really “speaks” to your target audience and provides them with what they want, coordinated with other marketing activities, and looks fabulous. Why not ask TopIC for advice?

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